A VIRTUAL summer camp for teens who want to make the world a better place.

Make the most of this summer with our exciting 8-week program that will give you the critical skills and mindset to blaze your own trail through a responsible impact project with a group of like-minded peers.   

Virtual Summer Camp Dates:
JULY 6TH – AUG 28TH, 2020

Is UGO Youth Changemakers right for you?

  • Are you between the ages of 14 to 22 years old?

  • Do you want to build your resume?

  • Are you looking to powerfully live your life based on what YOU really want?

  • Are you looking for an exciting project to work on this summer?

  • Do you dream of making a difference in the world?

  • Does COVID-19 have you uncertain and anxious about your future?

  • Do you want to make some incredible friends with similar interests?

  • Do you want to feel more confident, independent, and courageous in your life?

  • Would you like to learn from and connect with experts on leadership and creating impact?

  • Do you want to spend time with your friends working on an amazing project?

8 weeks of Engaged Mentorship
+ Interactive Leadership Skills Workshops
+ Educational Changemaker Sessions
+ Collaborative Peer Group Impact Project
= Tools and Mindset for a Bright and Thriving Future

UGO’s Youth Changemakers program will give you…

1. A Sense of Purpose While Doing Good

Create and complete an exciting project in support of a community or charity in need.

Learn about the UN 's SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS and work towards one with your project.

Understand how to create impact and then use your skills to give back in a real way.

Feel a sense of accomplishment spending your summer making a difference.

2. Leadership Skills

Learn the powerful skills needed to succeed in life including decision making, goal setting and project management.

Discover how to create healthy habits that will make you an effective leader.

Elevate your communication and interpersonal skills vital for success in any career.

Develop a personal brand that reflects your individuality and strengths.

3. A Confident Mindset

Gain confidence in who you are and what you are capable of achieving in your life.

Understand what it takes to thrive and create a resilient sense of self.

Foster your independence and feel empowered to blaze your own trail and live the life you want to.

4. Connection & Community

Connect and create meaningful friendships with new like-minded, inspiring peers and mentors.

Join with current friends and have fun working with them.

Discover what truly nourishing relationships feels like and how to create them anywhere.

Network with leaders in the personal development and impact worlds.

Belong to the UGO Changemaker Community.

Feel engaged, connected and purposeful
making a difference.


Your group impact project will engage you with global social issues, give you real life experience as you purposefully spend your time throughout the summer.

Through the interactive leadership skills workshops taught by leading experts you’ll gain critical life skills to help you powerfully engage in your life and blaze your own path.

The educational changemaker sessions will inspire and teach you to take responsible, sustainable action to create real change in the world.

Weekly facilitated mentorship will provide you with structured guidance and ongoing support and provide accountability and motivation.

You’ll develop nourishing friendships with like-minded peers and belong to the UGO community of Changemakers. Join with your friends and have fun working together.

You’ll become more self-aware, confident, and gain clarity on the possibilities that lie ahead for your future.

What Will You Be Doing Throughout the Program?

Peer Group Impact Project and Individual Work

In small groups of 4-5 peers you will complete an Impact Project. Your group will decide on a charity and then plan and execute a full fundraising and awareness campaign. You will be learning from experts and leaders along the way to the provide frameworks and necessary skills for success.

2-3 hours/week of group meetings, 5-10 hours of individual project work and personal leadership and reflection work.

Leadership Skills Workshops

Each week you will actively participate in expert-led critical skills workshops including decision making, goal setting and planning, marketing and branding, and problem solving.  You will then  practice implementing those skills in your group projects. 

Scheduled 1-1.5 hours per week.

Educational Changemaker Sessions

Weekly sessions from Changemakers and personal development leaders will teach you the basics of sustainable development and service leadership mindset.  Sessions will include topics like the UN Sustainable Development Goals, diversity and inclusion, privilege, compassion and gratitude, and effective development models.

Scheduled 1-1.5 hours per week.

Facilitated Mentorship

Program leaders will facilitate weekly project group check-ins to provide accountability and support throughout the program. Individual support will be provided as needed upon request.

Scheduled 2 hours per week.

Impact Project Presentation and Celebration

On the evening of Wednesday, August 26th participants will present their Impact Projects results and learnings to family, friends and members of the UGO community through a virtual celebration and share future aspirations of changemaking.

Speakers and Changemakers

Bobby Umar
CEO of DYPB - Discover Your Personal Brand

Bobby Umar is one of the most prolific heart-based leaders in North America. Inc. Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers, alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson and Brene Brown. He is a 5x TEDx speaker and social media influencer, with over 500,000 followers. He has been named the 2nd best business coach to follow on Twitter and the 4th best leadership influencer according to Kred. Bobby is an international author of two books, including a #1 best-seller, and is a Huffington Post contributor. Bobby was also named a “2015 Speaker to Watch” and a top 7 networking guru to follow.

Jen Couldrey
Executive Director - The Upside Foundation of Canada,
Chair of the Board of Directors of Future Possibilities for Kids, Executive Director The Home Front.

As Executive Director at The Upside Foundation, Jennifer has worked tirelessly to help startups and high growth companies give back to charities across the country. She is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of Future Possibilities for Kids, and sits on the #Tech4SickKids and Western University Entrepreneurship Strategy councils. Jennifer has also helped to launch The HomeFront, a group of volunteers on a mission to support front line healthcare workers get the resources they need to fight COVID-19. 

Sam Demma
Keynote, Founder High Performing Student, Co-Founder PickWaste

Sam Demma is an alumni of the Top 35 under 35 global change-maker award, the founder of the High Performing Student, and a 20-year-old keynote speaker. His community initiative, (PickWaste) was recognized on national news, he has delivered two TEDx Talks and is the youngest member of CAPS, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

The Program Includes:

  • Collaborative Peer Group Impact Project based on UGO’s Method for Change Framework providing funds and awareness building for a real charity or non-profit

  • 8 Expert Led Interactive Leadership Skills Workshops

  • 8 Educational and Inspirational Changemaker Sessions

  • Weekly group meetings with peer project group

  • Weekly facilitated mentorship sessions

  • UGO Personal Reflection Journal

  • Presentation and Celebration of Impact Project and Personal Growth

Your Investment $900 CAD

Who is UGO?

UGO works with aspiring and current changemakers to give them the mindset, clarity, community and resources to impact the world the way they have always dream of.

UGO Co-Founders:


Jill is a Certified Recreation Therapist, former Gap Year coach, and currently is the Impact Coach and Community Development Specialist with UGO. During her degree in psychology she studied Canadian adolescence and through her extensive community engagement she has worked with, led, and mentored youths of various backgrounds.

Nicole has an extensive background in marketing and communications, corporate leadership development and is currently the Global Partnership and Impact Consultant at UGO. As a Global Village Team Leader at Habitat for Humanity, she leads teams all around the world on humanitarian builds.


What do our UGO alumni have to say?

I felt supported and empowered to go beyond my perceived limitations.

- Jennifer Whennen

The UGO leaders help you to process what you’re experiencing and challenge you to live your best life.

- Anne-Marie Carey 

UGO is all about giving back. It is an amazing organization that creates incredible, transformative experiences with an amazing group of support. You make magic happen in this world.

- Petrena Schell 

From my UGO experience I have a willingness to do more to help others.

- Baksho Ghangass

You both came into my life to help guide me and show me, through the wonderful UGO experience. My greatest takeaway was how loved and safe I felt with you guys.

- Ann Bacciaglia

Thank you for giving me a community that is passionate about doing good in the world.

- Jess Kissane-Johnson

Have a question about the UGO Youth Changemaker program?

What are the program dates?

The 8 week program starts Monday, July 6th and finishes on Friday, August 28th.

How many hours a week is the program?

This program includes:

  • 3-4 hours of scheduled programming per week including Leadership Skills Workshops (1-1.5 hours), Changemaker Sessions (1-1.5 hours), and Facilitated Mentorship (1 hour)
  • 2-3 hours of peer group meetings (to be scheduled by the group)
  • Approximately 7-10 hours of flexible individual work (group project work, leadership skills work, and personal reflection).

It is possible to do this alongside a part-time job, the structured hours will be consistent each week.

What if I go on vacation or if school starts in August?

It is possible to manage your time in a way that allows you to still partake in other activities. You are accountable to your group who you will be working on your Impact program with.  You can plan accordingly with them regarding your absence.  We also ask you to inform your mentor of any planned absences.  There will be recordings of the Leadership Skills workshops and Changemaker sessions that you will have access to if you need to miss a session.

Can this count towards my Community Engagement hours?

Yes. The time spent working on your Impact Project including group meetings and individual work can be counted towards Community Involvement hours.

How are the charities selected for the Group Peer Impact Program?

Participant will spend time individually researching charities they would like to support and then present their selection to their group. The group will then decide together which charity to support and come up with the project idea.

What age is this program for?

This program is intended for youths 14-22 years old.

How will COVID 19 restrictions affect this program?

This program has been designed with these restrictions in mind.  All programming will be online over zoom.

Change Yourself.
Change Your Community.
Change Your World.

Between COVID 19, and major social issues like racism, poverty and climate change – the world is in need of amazing youth leaders ready to tackle the exciting future ahead!

If you’re looking to have an incredible life-changing summer making a real difference and becoming the leader of your life, apply NOW.

And don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up too so you can work with them throughout the summer. We keep our group sizes small and when we’re full…we’re full.  So please don't miss out!

“Unless someone like you, cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
– Dr. Seuss

We have been inspired by some incredible youth confidently and passionately blazing their own paths, and we would love to help you do the same!

- Jill Valentine and Nicole Hrinco
Co-Founders at:

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At UGO we combine life-changing volunteer experiences with life coaching for people who want to find clarity, more meaning, or a sense of purpose.
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